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About India Ajtak

India Ajtak (Indiaajtak.Com) is a knowledge based portal that carried out exclusive contents related but not limited to all sectors of life biographies, success stories, portfolio listing, latest news headlines, trending news, reviews, interviews, analysis and investigations etc.

An Independent Publicity Services initiative India Ajtak was launched in Mumbai in 2012 conceived by experienced media professionals; with a vision to create awareness and promote Indian arts, cultures, values, talents… on the national as well as global map. We have been promoting the rich heritage of India, such as arts, culture, values and talent by publishing the real sense of news, information, education, entrepreneurship, entertainment, social awakening, individual enlightenment and feelings of national integrity, unity & integration among citizens, motivating them towards their powers, duties and responsibilities through this news portal since its inception. We have conceived the news content of the portal in a way that it covers A to Z of news, current affairs, happenings, events, developments of various spheres of society, country and world.

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Advertising @ Indiaajtak provides focused opportunities to kick-start any career and maximize eyeballs, enrich your reputation, your brands get worldwide attention, immense limelight and benefit of unlimited business offers and job opportunities.

Under the flagship of our root company Independent Publicity Services, we have been offering the customized Consulting Advertising, Marketing and PR Media Services for more than a decade on the competitive and reasonable prices to meet your promotional needs. Visit and extend your support and fair feedback. Your kind cooperation would boost our confidence multifold and empower us to realize our mission at the earliest!!

We have created various banner ad slots best suited to your requirements and are also available at very reasonable prices. There are three parts of any news and ads items i.e. 1. Creation or production, 2. Hosting or uploading, and 3. Promotion to be taken care by us on behalf of our readers, viewers and well wishers.

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Banners Hosting Cost @ India Ajtak –Har Hakeeqat Aaptak
Size Position Visibility Area (pxl) Prices (INR)
728×90 Top Horizontal Across the site 65520 45,000/-
300×250 Middle Square Across the site 75000 35,000/-
160×600 Right Vertical Across the site 96000 30,000/-
468×60 Botm. Horizontal Across the site 28080 15,000/-
Offer Combo All above All above 1,00,000/-
Total INR one lakh rupees only for one year hosting

(Note: Production and Promotion cost is not included, it would be extra )

Advertise Your TVC / Ad Banners @ India Ajtak YouTube Channel
Duration Yearly (INR) Video Making TVC Making  
30 Sec. 1,00,000/- Rs. 5000/- per video of 10 Mnt. As budget  
Banners 50,000/- Rs. 35000/- 10 videos of 10 Mnt.    
Total INR one lakh for one year to host TVC on our YouTube Channel

(Note: Production and Promotion cost is not included, it would be extra )

Total Videos 1,422, Subscribers 1,415, Total Views: 809,369, Growth Rate 21%


  • All ad packages are booked on annual and per upload basis.
  • India Ajtak reserves the right of accepting or rejecting any ad without assigning any reason of thereof.
  • India Ajtak is a social media portal/channel/network easily accessible online, also available on mobiles networks.
  • Ad banners which have unethical or illegal content, links or stuff will not be approved. Adult, Porn Ads are strictly prohibited.
  • Special discount would be given on all categories of India Ajtak tariffs rate to clients / agencies / agents if ad booked for regular more than 6 months.
  • Exclusive response features are provided to regular clients only.
  • Generally all ads are set to be appeared prominently on all different and relevant news pages and categories, otherwise special positions can be provided on demand.
  • Any suggestion or alteration on the uploaded ads must be brought to our notice by email or in written within a week’s time for implementation.
  • Providing the link of your web site or product to your ad banner is compulsory, if the link is absent, ad may not be approved.

We Produce / Make Youtube Live Show / News Coverage / Interviews / Chat Show Video For You @ Just 5000/- For 5 -10 Minutes Duration

Actual expenses to produce exclusive chat video content

You Tube Videos Production Expenses

  • Video Camera / Mobile Camera Shoot +
  • Advanced / Basic Editing +
  • You Tube Upload +
  • Social Sharing +
  • Strategic Online Promotion +
  • Script in English/Hindi on a
  • Web Portal /YouTube Channel Total Rs. 5000/-
  • (Rupees Five Thousand only) For a 10 minute video content,

Note: Break even at 10 chat videos of 10 minute each at Rs. 35000/- minimum as camera, equipment, anchor, location, props etc. have to be hired in advance, so need 100% payment in advance.

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