Movie actor Manie receives Gaurav Samman awards in Mumbai

gaurav samman 13Movie actor Manie has received the GAURAV SAMMAN awards from Mool East Indian Sanghatna Trust, Mumbai on the 14th May 2014 at Mumbai. Mool East Indians are the real inhabitants of Mumbai. They were the first to come and settle in Mumbai. Every year they mark a cultural programme in which all Mool East Indians from all over Mumbai come and participate in the cultural gatherings which includes talent promotions like singing amongst Mool East Indians etc. This year they decided to honour Manie for his excellence in cinema and presented him the Gaurav Samman Trophy 2014. Manie is a well kno wn actor of the Indian Film Industry. Manie was given a traditional Mool East Indian welcome upto the stage with all the Mool East Indian girls dancing in their traditional dresses in his honour as he was walking towards the stage. Says Manie, “I feel very happy and honoured that I received this prestigious trophy from the Mool East Indians. The Mool East Indian people are really very nice, gentle and simple people. They give so much respect to everybody. I am really speechless after the love they bestowed on me. Their life and culture are very different from the norma l Mumbai people. Even their food habits are different. I have tasted the Mool East Indian food and I can say one thing that it’s wonderful. Although I am a vegetarian, so I did not get much variety but whatever I got I just loved it. I feel like coming to this place every year.” Says Mool East Indian Sanghatna Trust founder and chairman Mr. Oneil Kinny, “We feel very happy to announce and give this trophy to Mr. Manie for his excellence in cinema. We all know that he is a wonderful actor but after meeting him I can say that he is a very good human being too.” Other trustees like Moses Michael Gomes, Joseph Kinny and Savio Kinny were also present. Jean Moses Gomes was the guest of honour. Other notable guests of honours were Human Rights President of Maharashtra Mr. Istak Jagirdar, Mrs. Geeta Kapoor, Vice-president Human Rights, Maharashtra. Later on Manie also distributed prizes to the singing competition participants and winner.

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