Bollywood actress Alisa Khan joins Samajwadi Party

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Alisa KKhan who is from Ghaziabad and who has done two films and lots of Punjabi music videos( Mika,Balli Sago) and ad films has joined Samajwadi political party.She will be the youngest girl to join the party.She got inspiration of joining politics from her great grandfather Mohammed Nawab Ghaziuddin Khan who was the emperor of Ghaziuddin Nagar.Ghaziabad was named on his name in 1740.She will do acting and also be part of politics as politics run in her blood. Talking about her foray in the film industry Alisa says, “I started working from the age of 12 years and have always believed in looking ahead. I am a trained belle dancer and an extremely passionate actor. I started with modeling.I want to serve my country.

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