Builder’s sudden, suspicious death socked everyone!

kumodjhaA Kandivli resident property developer Kumod Jha died all of sudden due to head injury, socked everyone, nobody could believe it! Close aids claim he might be victim of some serious conspiracy of property dispute or business rivalry. He was also the owner of Laxmi Bricks Industry, Forbesganj, north-east Bihar lived in Mumbai for two decades died on last Monday morning in a local hospital.

Mumbai: Kumod Jha, 45, resident of Manek Nagar, MG Road, Kandivli west, a property developer died of head injury as postmortem report says, on Monday morning at 5am at DR. BR Ambedkar Hospital Kandivli west, socked everyone, nobody could believe it! He left behind him wife Dimple alone and had no child.

Close aids claim he might be victim of some serious conspiracy of property dispute or business rivalry. According to close sources, Kumod Jha was in a meeting with friend at Restaurant & Bar on 25th July, 2015, Saturday night. Source says ahead, as they came out of the Restaurant; were attacked by some 5-6 people outside the bar. Kumod Jha got serious head injury, friend took him to his building; on hearing this, his wife rushed down immediately. Patrolling police also arrived there who took him to Dr. Ambedkar Hospital. Where he was treated for almost 24 hrs but couldn’t survive, doctors declared him dead on Monday at 5am.

According to police daily dairy, and post mortem report it is death due to head injury. But people close to the case raised some questions on this sad event. On Tuesday wife Dimple went on to Forbesganj with ashes for the last proceedings at his native place.

Going of this young man in such a sudden and suspicious manner socked everyone as he was such a brave, carefree, honest, hardworking, gentleman and fun loving person who always helpful for everyone in need. He shifted from Bihar to Mumbai more than 15 years back to pursue his big dreams, not only for himself but for the nation also. He formed a National Political Party called “Akhand Bharatheeya Aawaaz” ( along with his real estate business. He wanted to do something great for the people of his nation. Currently he was engaged in property projects at Goregaon and Jogeshwari. When this incident took place he was still shaping up his project with friend.

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