Charlie Chaplin-II to promote Hindi movie Shaher Maseeha Nahi…


Rajan Kumar to promote Shaher Maseeha Nahi… donning Charlie Chaplin

Hero actor Rajan Kumar (aka Charlie Chaplin-II) shall promote a Hindi movie Shaher Maseeha Nahi… tomorrow by way of donning Charlie’s unique style of acting, face & eye expression and body language. Rajan Kumar tomorrow will put himself into the spirit and skin of Charlie Chaplin and might be spotted at palaces in public at Mumbai streets for the entire day. In the evening, he will perform for a private event at Breach Candy Hospital, near Mahalaxmi Temple, Mumbai. Recently he released the film poster in public of Goregaon and Nalla Sopara residential societies during the Independence Day celebration. Film Shaher Maseeha Nahi… is produced by Omkaar Film & Television Production, directed by Amar Vats, cinematography is by Biswajit Das, action is by Tinu Verma, executive producer is Advocate Kalpana L. Waskar.

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