Don’t get trapped into fake fitness challenges  

Don’t get trapped into fake fitness challenges  

Who is training how to spread the fake news and issues?

Ashamed: Plz don’t get trapped into fake fitness challenges, jo desh ke asli muddon se aapka dhyan bhatkane ki koshish hai. Who wouldn’t like to be fit and inspiring others to get fit? It is not a bad idea but fact is there are so many other peoples also in this nation who can advertise for fitness gyms.

This nation’s head –Pradhan Sevak is not expected or chosen to do so. How a PM who don’t have any solution to the problems of people and real issues of the country just opted to a time pass funda of fitness challenges playing with cricketers and filmstars?

Then how and when PM Mr. Modi will address some serious issues like… Electricity, Water, Rural And Farmer Issues, Crops Are Not Getting Well Paid By Law, Employment to Unemployed Youth, Even Trains Are Not Running On Time. Peoples Are Not Getting Cured And getting Proper Treatment In Hospitals. Because Doctors Are On Leave Or On Strike.

Service System of Bureaucracy Is Dyeing. Clerk and Babu don’t listen to common men, officers don’t listen to senior, senior don’t listen to minister, and minister don’t address any problems because his officer don’t listen to him. Problems are endless and solution is none.

Actually the key problem is laid at our education system which instead of teaching how to deliver is expert to train how to escape the object, withdraw people’s attention from the real issues of the country. What social, cultural, educational and so called non political organizations like RSS has well trained and taught to its leaders?

Godi Media News Channels are running Desh ka mood, Chamatkaar, Petrol, diesel price hike are also fake issues. Plz don’t get trapped into fake fitness challenge, jo desh ke asli muddon se aapka dhyan bhatkane ki koshish hai.

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