Goa Carnival To Begin From February 10

Goa Carnival To Begin From February 10

During Goa carnival, every year a person from the is chosen to play King Momo – a mythological character who symbolically rules the state during the carnival time and leads the float parades held across Goa.

PANAJI: The popular annual Goa Carnival will be held across the coastal state from February 10 to 13. The main float parade of the festival will be held in the state capital Panaji on February 10 and ‘King Momo’ will lead the float parades in all the major cities of the state. Every year, a person from the state is chosen to play King Momo – a mythological character who symbolically rules the state during the carnival time and leads the float parades held across Goa.

This year, Bruno Azaredo (57), from Utorda village in South Goa district, has been selected to play the role of King Momo and lead the float parades, a spokesman of the state tourism department said.

State tourism minister Manohar Ajgaonkar earlier took stock of the preparations, including security and traffic arrangements, for the four-day festival. The float parades will be held in Margao and Ponda on February 11, Vasco and Curchorem on February 12 and in Mapusa and Morjim on February 13, he said.

The carnival committees, set up by the tourism department, have been asked to encourage participants to promote the state’s culture and traditions in the festival and minimise the commercialisation of floats, he said.

“The vehicles which cause pollution will not be allowed in the parades. The consumption of liquor and carrying of weapons will also not be permitted during the event,” the spokesman said.

The carnival is being celebrated in Goa since the 18th century and is meant for enjoyment and merry-making, just before the 40 days of Lent, which is the time of abstinence and spiritual preparation for Easter, one of the organisers said.

The festival was introduced by the Portuguese, who ruled Goa for over 500 years, he added.

More About Goa Carnival

09/02/2018 – 13/02/2018

Goa, India

The most amazing thing about Goa is that fun and festivities that begins in December with the holiday season does not stop upon arrival of the New Year but continues up to the celebration of Goa Carnival or the pre Mardi Gras revelry, a tradition that dates back to the arrival of Portuguese in Goa way back in 1510.

History of Goa Carnival
Based on the Christian tradition of Mardi Gras (also known as Fat Wednesday) which refers to the events of the carnival celebrations; Goa Carnival is a festival that celebrates the culture and cuisine of Goa on a grand scale every year.

Originating from the tradition of Mardi Gras, a tradition of hedonistic feasts and dancing & drinking bouts before the fasting and abstinence associated with penitential season of lent, Goa Carnival is a 4 day razzmatazz that is observed all through the state with great gusto and zeal.

Goa Carnival Celebrations
Goa Carnival features a frenzy of tourist activities. Tourists indulge in feasting, merrymaking, drinking throughout the day. The festive mood is even more aggravated by the huge parades that move the various streets of Goa. These parades are accompanied by live bands and dances. Goa forgets to sleep during the carnival as these parades continue throughout the night. Most of the streets are decorated with attractive lighting and grand balls.

The festivities during Goa Carnival include dancing troupes, revelers wearing masks and costumes usually, electrifying music which is generally performed live, sports competitions, floats & parades and hedonistic pursuits like great food and drinking.

Travel tips for Attending Goa Carnival
Goa Carnival also marks the climax of peak season of tourism in Goa. The hotels, resorts and homestays are packed to their capacity and prices at all time high. Millions of visitors from all corners of the globe arrive in the tiny emerald of Goa to attend Goa Carnival and indulge in feasting and revelry. If you are planning to travel to Goa and be a part of this year’s carnival, it is always advisable to book your accommodation well in advance.

If you are looking to attend this year’s Goa Carnival, we suggest that you browse through and select a Goa hotel of your choice and budget in advance as it gets very busy in Goa at this time of the year and spot booking is often difficult to make. Even the prices skyrockets so it is always advised to book your accommodation in advance. If you are looking for longer duration packages to explore beaches in Goa and its historical heritage, we would recommend that you browse through our collection of Goa tour packages which include shorter 3 days itineraries to itineraries lasting well over 10 days and also combines visit to nearby tourist destinations in Mumbai and Kerala.

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