Government should encourage small newspapers: Saurashtra Bharat

Government should encourage small newspapers: Saurashtra Bharat

Small newspapers are more eager, fair, fearless and daring to express  the facts and truth, they expose anybody. They work under very utter pressure, insecure conditions, dangerous and uncertain circumstances, hence government should provide fecilities to them, encourage them to make their life easy, asks KP Tiwari, Chief Editor of Saurashtra Bharat to the government of India and the Maharashtra state government on the launch of his 12th new office in Malad, Mumbai. 

Mumbai: When a small, medium Hindi weekly newspaper like Saurashtra Bharat, announce to opens a new office, it creates feel good factor among the reporters and media persons. When I got a whatsapp message and invitation call, I decided to there to participate the office opening ceremony of Saurashtra Bharat which was situated in a multistory building close to Malad station, Mumbai.

The ceremony was scheduled to be happen at about 5:00 pm but I reached there at 6:30 pm by 1:30 hrs. late thinking that all guests would have been walked on but to my surprize more than 20 guest were still present there, means you are not alone who think late but the others also think and move late.

Anyway, when I reached there snacks were being served and introduction of guests by Mr. Tiwari were going on. After having samosa, I was ready to take notes and media bytes on my media camera.

Its noted that Saurashtra Bharat has been printed, published, edited and owned by simple north Indiaite Mr. KP Tiwari for last 12 years but I know him for last couple of years. To know a person personally in the same field is not necessary but you know his presence through his work in the media.

Mr. KP Tiwari told, “It has been our effort to voice up people and our readers who are unheard in mainstream commercial media. I started this newspaper 12 years back, and till then, by grace of god and support of my people, I have been succeeded to pull it out here till today without not too many breaks.”

It’s obvious to any small time media to have little breaks in the journey because they too have families behind them to survive and have been suffering from a lack, short of funds but responsibilities of family and social circles are always on toll.

How GST has affected media industry, while asked, Mr. Tiwari said, “GST is very good taxation law that do not not leave any body untaxed, but here aspirations from growing media industry were quite different which present GST does not address.”

When, the government is strict and taking harsh action against the small newspapers and magazines which are running only on papers to get DAVP ads, it’s govt’s right move, but government should encourage and provide relief to genuine reporters and small newspapers also as they are ahead of big mainstream publications to expose and bust many gaint crimes and corruptions.” said Mr. Tiwari.

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