Pre Shoot Party of ‘Hamaar Intqam’ rocked in Mumbai


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News: Mostly film producers flash a party after completing the shooting but here in another case, a small but simply decent get-to-gather party of Bhojpuri Movie ‘Hamaar Intqam’ rocked in Mumbai, even before the crew went on the start-to-finish shoot in UP. Producer OP Pandey and Director Balkrishan Singh threw this party on Tuesday evening, 28th October, 2014 at Aishwarya Hall, Oshiwara, Mumbai.

The party organized by Maa Vaishnavee Films was aimed at to get formal introduction to each other among the cast and crew members of the film so that they could attain a good report and behavior to each other on the sets during the shooting and the aim was accomplished, obviously it was observed in the event, as most of the actors presented their skilled comic treat, some narrated their poems and some cracked tricky jokes and made everyone laughed present there and chilled. The entire cast and crew members of the movie were present in the party.

A 25-day start to finish shooting spell of the movie is scheduled to start in Mirzapur (UP) and Nainital (Uttarakhand) from first week of November, 2014. Most of the talkie portion will be shot at Mirzapur locals while songs will be picturised on the eye catchy locations of Nainital inclusive of four item numbers which will be shot on three different hot item girls. All production work is being done in a speedy mode as the movie is aimed to release on February 14, Valentines’ Day of 2015 in Mumbai.

Synopsis: A women’s life is like an innocent cow as said. She has been used by men for ages. ‘Hamaar Intqam’ is story of young girl Kangna, only daughter of school teacher who is living with pain, trauma and agony of gang rape happened to her. She attempts to die at Ganga River but suddenly a young man Deepak comes in and saved her. He encourages and inspires her to raise her voice against the crime and injustice happened to her. ‘Hamaar Intqam’ is an action packed revenge story of an innocent girl who lost her respect, family… and everything to the culprits of the society… She did not keep quiet unlike many girls accused in the real life; she fights back, takes her revenge and makes her offenders sleepless. Her meaningful avenge becomes an example for others and entire society but how? Watch out for ‘Hamaar Intqam’ in theaters on February, 14, Valentine’s Day 2015.

Crew: Movie Name: Hamaar Intqam, Banner: Maa Vaishnavee Films, Producer: OP Pandey, Director: Balkrishan Singh, Story: OP Pandey, Screenplay: Ashok Sonkar & Birendra Paswan, Dialogues & Creative Director: Birendra Paswan, Music: K. Ratnesh & Abhay Dubey, Lyrics: Mahesh Kumar Jha, Munilal & Satish Tiwari, Singers: Sadhana Sargam, Alok Kumar, Mamta Rawat, Uday Raj, Nitesh Raman, Sudakshina, Priya Thakur & Baby Aakriti, Cameraman: Sanjay Singh, Choreographer: Santosh Kumar, Action: Dilip K. Yadav, Costume: Archana Singh, Production Controller: Dattaram Satose, PR Consultant: Eishwar Yadav, Agency: Independent Publicity Services.

Cast: Rajesh Singh as Deepak, Amrish Singh as Prakash, Ritu Shastri as Kangna, Madhuri Mishra as Jyoti, Riya as Riya, Ankit, Ashwini, Aditya as Brijesh, Satya Prakash as Pramod, Munilal as Mantu, CP Bhatt as Rashid, Samarth Chaturvedi as Bhanu Pratap, Umakant as Dhakelu, Pankaj Kumar as Raj Bahadur, Shiv Kumar as Ranjit, Raj Singh as Ajeet, Gopal Chauhan as Bhantu, Anand Raghuvanshi among others. Item Girls are: Mithila Purohit, Pratibha Pandey, Nayna Khedkar.


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