Human Welfare Evolutionary Organisation spares delicious moments with St. Judes Orphanage children

Human Welfare Evolutionary Organisation spares delicious moments with St. Judes Orphanage children

Manav Kalyan Vikaswadi Sansthan founder president Chandra Shekhar claims despite of many hurdles we would keep helping needy people of our society” -said R S Yadav, head project adviser

Jhansi: Fastest growing NGO of Jhansi, Bundelkhand, UP called “Manav Kalyan Vikaswadi Sansthan – Human Welfare Evolutionary Organization” (HWEO) today got an opportunity to extend its support to St. Judes Orphanage children in the city.

NGO distributed delicious food to about 100 orphanage children who were looked happy and cheerful after the lunch and they appreciated this human acts organised by Manav Kalyan Vikaswadi Sansthan.

On this occasion Hweo founder president said, “Coming to this orphanage institute among these children we felt proud parents like experience to these children and we understand our responsibility.”

Project head & adviser R S Yadav said, “Our NGO is very glad to have an opportunity to serve delicacy to these talented children of St. Judes Orphanage Institute.”

Mr.  Yadav further said, “However we don’t know who and who are the mother – father of which children but we’re glad to become one day gurdian of these children. We would help them to fulfil their dreams and desires.”

He said, “Every child here is unique and extraordinary talented and they will shine not only their own name but also this country’s name one day.”

“All students, teachers, mistress, none here have been so nice and cooperative with us, who would not like to come here at times and again, next time we would wander these children beautiful places of Jhansi.”

Founder President Chandrashekhar said, “Our organisation -Manav Kalyan Vikaswadi Sansthan, despite of so many hurdles would keep continue helping people in need of our society in and around us”.

This event was successfully organised by Hweo volunteers Rahul Singh Parmar and Lokendra Singh with other civil commandos of the Organisation.

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