I want to make heaven on the earth by my good deeds: Sandeep Marwah

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I want to make heaven on the earth by my good deeds: Sandeep Marwah

When a young man Sandeep, 25 years ago, had planned a film studio and film school, he did not even know that he would touch the heights of such a big success that 5 international records will be credited to his name in 25 years. Today when Mr. Sandeep Marwah looks back upon these two-a-half decade journey, seems fairly satisfied, but still looks forward to gain a lot…

Educated from Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Delhi, and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Delhi University), Sandeep Marwah today is known as a successful businessman, filmmaker, teacher-educators, social workers and journalists. He is founder and director of Noida Film City, Marwah Studios and Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT). Sandeep Marwah a five-time world record holder has accomplished several laurels for his country. He has trained more than 12,000 cinema students and media professionals so far from 100 plus countries.

Well-known fashion designer Reena Kapoor, daughter of renowned filmmaker Surinder Kapoor is his wife. Film producer Boney Kapoor, actor brothers Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor are Sandeep’s brother-in-laws. Sandeep Marwah has two sons Mohit Marwah and Akshay Marwah. Elder son Mohit is an upcoming actor and junior son Akshay runs Marwah Studios. Actor Arjun Kapoor, actresses Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor are his nieces. Senior journalist Eishwar Yadav in exclusive conversation with dashing, dynamic acting guru and global media icon Sandeep Marwah, edited excerpts:

Q: How did you initiate your business empire of film studio and training school 25 years back?

Ans.: We had planned to make a film city for North India in 1986 and submitted its project to the UP government in the same year. A year later in 1987 the project was approved. All allotments were made on March 31, 1988. The dream began to be fulfilled that I saw in 1986. UP government had given us 3 years within which we had to make the building of the studio and film production was to begin. We inaugurated Marwah Studios on March 10, 1991 then we didn’t look back.

Q: You have grown up from toe-to-top in these years, what was the experience like of achieving so many developments, awards, accolades and worldwide recognition?

Ans.: In these 25 years, Marwah Studio has designed more than 4500 program for 50 channels. We have been associated with nearly 125 feature films and produced more than 5000 training films. A time came when Marwah Studios became maternity hospital for movies in north India. That’s where almost all the popular channels were born. Whether it’s Zee TV, Sahara, Mahua, ETV, Star News or NDTV, these all channels proceeded ahead by making their programs from here (Marwah Studio).

Q: Let’s know something about the former students of your Institute who later on became celebrities?

Ans.: That’s a big list I give you. Before that I want to tell you that we laid the foundation of “Asian Academy of Film and Television” (AAFT) in 1993, we ran the studio for two years. As many facilities of Film and Television could have, all we had set here at Marwah Studios. Today, we have glorious 22 years of running this institute. In these 22 years, we have created more than 12,000 media professionals, including print, electronic, radio, film, television, events, new media and advertising people are involved. Soon our Institute became the only institute in India which attracted the media savvy youth from almost all 29 states, and 7 union territories of India and 100 countries from worldwide to film, media education and training. A long list of all those who got education and training here has been created who have made a good name and earned good fortune for themselves, for their family, for country and of course we are also proud of them.

Q: The way Delhi is known for NSD, Pune for FTI likewise Noida is now known for AAFT. What do you think of that?

Ans.: Well, 22 years is not a small journey. From the beginning our efforts for our students is to provide them a 360-degrees education and training. Whether they come here especially for film and TV, but still we provide them print, electronics, radio, events, new media, advertising, PR, seminars, webinars, Symposium, interaction, guest faculty, foreign faculty education and training as maximum as possible of everything. So when a child (student) goes out of here becomes so knowledgeable and contented that nobody can beat him anywhere in the world. Today many of our students are earning not only good name but good money and fame too.

Q: Do you also take classes at the Institute, teach your students?

Ans.: Yes of course, though I am director of the film school doesn’t matter, everyone here from peon to principal, ceo to clerk, do their best to make it big. I am glad to the fact that in these last 25 years, I have achieved 5 international records for which we and our institution have been honored for 273 times. I brought 38 International Awards to the country. More than 26 State Award and more than that National Award have been conferred upon us. Besides, we have been rewarded with many Films, TV, Media, Social, and Cultural Institution’s awards and accolades.

Our 1st international record had made for Noida Film City to establish the world’s most rapidly developing Film City today. The Film City is spread over 100 acres, out of which 75 acres is of outdoor, and 25 acres indoor. Where at 16 Studios are working round the clock in three shifts. At the moment there are 350 channels in Noida Film City, which are being broadcast in 162 countries every day, for 24×7 day-night. Where at nearly 17,000 media professionals get a chance to work in 3 shifts. Such a great opportunity to work in any corner of the world, at a place does not exist.

Q: It is always said; can ever Noida Film City become the option of Bollywood Film City?

Ans.: Noida Film City can become the choice of any Film City. So this is just half of the record, this record made complete, when I talk about Marwah Studios located in Noida Film City, which have produced 4500 TV programs and 125 feature films in the last 25 years and associated with 5000 training films for over 50 channels. Together, it simply makes a world record because so much work by one person at one place at the same time is never done. Our 2nd international record becomes when being the director of a film school, I prepared 12,000 media professionals who come here from 29 states, 7 union territories and 108 countries to study in the last 25 years. We have prepared 55 different courses ranging from 3 months to 3 years, certificate courses to diploma and degree all are involved.

Q: A huge list of awards and honor have been credited to yourself for educating, training, honing, exploring, and upholding the budding talents, films, arts, and culture. Is there any national or state award, which might be conferred to you by the central or a state government?

Ans.: See, 273 awards is no small numbers for any reward and honor, whilst it has about 26 awards of the National Level. So the point is that 38 nations so far have honored me on different occasions, in different international cities.

Q: When you started all it 25 years ago, then how much was you sure that you will reach to such a height of success?

Ans.: Yes, not at all, because there was no film culture in the North India. The people did not know about the movies. When a film coming from Mumbai to Delhi was shot here, mob crowd of half Delhi over flooded to see the film stars. Here such a half incomplete, the atmosphere was a bit rough. But after Noida Film City coming here in the atmosphere began to change. Means that as people’s expectations soared high and so ours.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the forthcoming 25 years?

Ans.: I will tell you that also but first let me complete about records. I’ve talked about two international records, now I tell you about our third record. Our 3rd international record was made when I started our own production company here. So far I’ve made 2300 short films where in 2300 new directors were given chance to work. And about 9000 technicians and artists were given breaks that come from about 90 different countries. This way, I have given chance to work to overall 12,000 people. This is my world record for which many times I have to go to different countries to take the award.

4th International Record made when we started the 9 festivals of international level, which include the Global Film Festival, Global Festival of Journalism, International Festival of Cellphone Cinema, and International Festival of Short Cinema. This is the only film festival of the world which happens four times in a year, where the new film directors are given the opportunity to demonstrate their debut films. There have been 86 festivals so far and now we are engaged in the preparation of its 87th edition. It has become an international record. We have planned to demonstrate nearly 2,000 films in the 87th festival.

Our 5th international record made during the Delhi Commonwealth games when for the first time the film and sports raised such a Level to that we travelled 20 kilometers in total, from Wagha Border to Nehru Stadium and covered 28 state and 5 union territories. 102 short films made, made 102 video programs, 10,000 photographs taken, and 1,000-hour movie made which set an international record within 102 days. The 3-minute opening movie of Commonwealth was also made by Marwah Studios. I too got a chance to carry the torch from Jaipur to Delhi. This all together made many unique records for which the Government of India also awarded us.

Q: Ok, now it’s been a matter of your 5 records, where do you see yourself in the next two decades?

Ans.: Look, we had been yet working for our film school and studio to North India, but now we are trying to spread all over the world. So far we have prepared about 54 media institutions whose chairmanship I’m making. Whose membership is nearly 20 millions, which is spread in 213 countries. Out of these, we have a very good organization called “World Peace Development and Research Foundation”, under which we have added 213 countries to the world peace. I feel that people who are connected to the fields of Film, Media and Entertainment, their duty is slightly higher than the common man, to be a symbol of peace in the country and the world. Similarly I was honored by the Ambassador of Wales in the Wales country. I have been appointed ambassador for International Human Rights Association in United Nations (UN). That is all why, because I’m doing a lot of work to world peace.

Q: …then you’re heading for the Nobel Prize, tomorrow if you get the Nobel Prize medal, it would be a matter of pride for the country also.

Ans.: It is their duty if the reward or not. My duty is just to work. I just believe in work. (Karma kiye ja, fal ki chinta mat kar re insaan, jaise karma karega tu vaise fal dega bhagwan) Keep on working, not to worry the result, God will reward as you will act.

Q: This is a great Geeta gyan. Very Good.

Ans.: Yes, now we have instituted another organization, “The International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry”, I’m the president to it. The 80 national and 162 international committees have been formed, and its office is opened in 100 countries. Then once again we are talking of Love and World Peace through the media, television and entertainment. We are joining many countries for this cause. Today (14/07/2015) we have launched 162 short films with 162 countries.

Q: What is your message for young boys and girls looking to choose media, television and entertainment field as a career.  

Ans.: I’d like to say to them that the area is no matter wherever you are; you have to work hard and have a strong desire to move forward. So where the field of media, television and entertainment is concerned, we have to work excessively. Young people are fascinated to this line by the sizzling film screen quickly. But people who aspire to attain to name, fame, reputation, honor, money, dignity are required extremely hard work and discipline needed to follow. Thus, people who want to come into this line, do come but with full determination and strong will power and always be ready to face the challenges of adversity and stiff competition.

Q: Finally, your secret of evergreen success, and yet a desire which is still to be fulfilled?

Ans.: I think so, “Sabhi Dishaon Se Shubh Sundar, Bhaav Vichar Bharen Nit Andar,
Punya Dharaa Ban Jaye Swarga Ye, Mere Yatnon Se Karunakar”
. Finally I am thankful to the people associated with me and my valued patrons who supported me all the way in this long journey and of course I’m grateful to my almighty God who has showered upon me so much that I had never expected. My thinking is as simple as that “If your feeling is good, your thinking is positive; your action itself becomes good. I want to make heaven on the earth by my good deeds.

Magic of action: Good deeds have magic of creating heaven anywhere!
Power of positivity: Think positive, do positive, be prosper, world becomes good!
Power of positivity: Think positive, do positive, be prosper, world becomes good!
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