Illegal Construction on high rise under the supervision of Govt. officials 

MCGM authority of ‘P’ North Ward seems helpless to demolish the unauthorized construction in a Malwani Mhada Colony

Mumbai: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai– MCGM or Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation– BMC, is the governing civic body of Mumbai, which is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city and some suburbs of Mumbai.

But against to its vision and mission MCGM most often is looked standing aside of the accused, thus has become infamous to shelter the unauthorized constructions and curb the corruption under its jurisdictions. It is proved time and again when a person registers a complaint to demolish the illegal constructions erected on the MCGM land but MCGM officials are found helpless to act.

Unauthorized constructions are mushrooming in Malwani

Unauthorized constructions in Malad Malwani area really on rise and are mushrooming under the secured support of these govt. officials, claims local resident Shashikant Yadav the victim of illegal construction carried out in his premises by another locals and his neighbor at Malwani Jeevan Cooperative Housing Society Ltd.

No call hearing at MCGM to this MCGM employee

Interestingly victim Shashikant Yadav is itself a MCGM employee wrote a complaint letter to MCGM Commissioner, Asst. BMC Commissioner (‘P’ North Ward Officer), Mhada Commissioner, Dindoshi Reliance Energy to stop the illegal work and requesting to demolish the illegal construction carried out on the BMC land in his society premises by his neighbor while he was out of station for his office work. He demanded the strict legal action against the trespassers- accused Mohd. Ayub Kader Shaikh, Reliance Energy men and others to book them under the Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practice (MRTP) Act, 1969.

Illegal activity on drainage line could be fatal

Shashikant Yadav is the owner of Room No. C-12 of Malwani Jeevan Co-op Hsg Society Ltd. Who raised the objection for unauthorized construction of room next to room no C-11 & C-12 on the vacant passage which was left by Mhada between the Meter Box of society and the main drainage line of Malwani connected to the sewage could be fatal.

Sufferer made several complaints but got no relief

When the illegal construction came to light, Shashikant Yadav requested the accused not to do so on his site but the accused did not listen to him. Then he first made online complaint to MCGM at 0722212130 & 0722212135 on March 17, 2018 and again at 0722210719 & 0722210752 on April 13, 2018, hard copy also submitted vide Dispatch P/N AC/PN/3432/18-19 & AC/PN/3433/18-19. An NC was also registered at Malwani Police Station vide No. 2560/18 on April 18, 2018 that mentions the names of Mohd. Ayub Kader Shaikh, Reliance Energy Contractors Kachori, labour Khot and others. Despite of so many complaints there is no demolition move is conducted by BMC yet.

Reliance Energy must respond

Reliance Energy must respond to this, when a complaint letter dated April 12, 2018 was submitted to stop electric meter installation on the illegal site, then how they allowed the electric meter installation on this illegal site? Later on, this was forcibly stopped by dialing the patrolling police at Helpline No. 100.

Kick out such gov. servant who motivates illegalities  

Shashikant Yadav alleges that behind the illegal inspiration of Ayub there is a neighbor woman who is government employee and has also done unauthorized construction in her house. Despite of being a government employee Ujjwala Sanjay Gawale owns room no C-14 constructed two unauthorized floors extra raised up to 22 ft while according to Mhada plan floor rise limits is 14 ft only, she encouraged Mohd. Ayub Kader Shaikh to do this illegal construction.

Frame encroachers under MRTP Act. 1969

Shashikant Yadav wants demolition of illegal construction as well as to book the culprits under the Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practice (MRTP) Act. 1969. It’s just one example of illegal construction, if you visit of the entire area of Malwani you would observe illegal construction here, there and everywhere in the residential complexes as well as commercial places in the area. But BMC officers does not see this even after filing may complaints and several reminders by many victims like Shashikant Yadav.

India Ajtak visits the place, asks MCGM

Quite disappointed with BMC officers as no action has been taken so far on months old complaints filed in the BMC offices, Shashikant Yadav called us at India Ajtak, he shows all documents and complaint letters he made, then we visited the place and shot an exclusive chat with him on the backdrop of the place where illegal construction carried out. Now we ask these BMC officers, why there is no action has been taken yet to demolish the illegal structures erected on the BMC land?

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