ISRO’s Mission Chandrayaan 2, is Cheaper Than A Hollywood Movie

ISRO’s Mission Chandrayaan 2, is Cheaper Than A Hollywood Movie

Mumbai: The Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Chandrayaan 2 launch mission is cheaper than the Hollywood ‘Interstellar’, just like the agency’s Mars mission. While the Chandrayaan 2 mission’s cost was only Rs 800 crore, the movie Interstellar had cost Rs 1,062 crore. The Mars mission, which was launched in 2013, had cost ISRO Rs 470 crore, cheaper than Hollywood space movie ‘Gravity’ which had a budget of Rs 644 crore.

“Simplifying the system, miniaturising the complex big system, strict quality control and maximising output from a product make our space missions frugal and cost-effective. We keep strict vigil on each and every stage of development of a spacecraft or a rocket and, therefore, we are able to avoid wastage of products, which helps us minimise the mission cost,” ISRO chairman Dr K Sivan told Times of India.

ISRO is planning to launch Chandrayaan 2 in April 2018. However, according to the reports, the space agency will have to keep in mind various other factors such as moon’s relative position with respect to the Earth to settle on a launch date.

“We are trying for a dawn-to-dusk landing and rover walk on the lunar’s mission for maximum utilisation of the scientific mission. If we are not able to land in April due to various factors, then the mission will be launched in November,” he added.

Sivan added that if the space agency launches Chandrayaan 2 between April and November 2018, it won’t get the “perfect dawn-to-dusk landing and experiment time due to moon eclipses”. Hence, the launch date shall have to be kept in between. “The perfect timing for the launch comes only once in a month,” the ISRO chairman added.

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