Kumod Jha: Secret of sudden death gets deeper!

Kumod Jha: Death or Murder?

A Kandivli resident property developer Kumod Jha died of head injury or brain stroke? Police panchnama and postmortem reports say it’s due to head injury but close aids claim he might be attacked with some heavy weapons on head for property dispute or business rivalry. He was also the owner of Laxmi Bricks Industry, Forbesganj, north-east Bihar lived in Mumbai for two decades died on Monday morning in a local hospital.

Mumbai: Kumod Jha, 45, resident of Manek Nagar, M G Road, Kandivli west, a property developer died of head injury on Monday morning at 5am at Dr. B R Ambedkar Hospital Kandivli west, but wife, relatives and close aids suspect of business rivalry. According to sources, Kumod Jha went with a friend from home for business meeting to a nearby Restaurant & Bar on 25th July, 2015, Saturday night. After taking drink and dinner, source says, as soon as they (both of them) came out of the Restaurant; both were attacked by some 5-6 goons just outside of the bar. Friend managed to face the attack but Kumod Jha got serious head injury. Friend brought wounded Kumod to his building gate, on hearing this, his wife rushed down immediately. Night patrolling police arrived there who admitted Kumod in Dr. B R Ambedkar hospital. Where he was given emergency treatment for almost 24 hrs but he couldn’t survive and doctors declared him dead at 5am on Monday. According to police dairy, and post mortem report it was a death due to head injury. But people close to the case raised some key questions on the entire episode of this unfortunate event. On Tuesday morning wife Dimple went on to Forbesganj with ashes for the last proceedings at his native place. Now deceased wife and brothers, relatives and close aids suspect of business rivalry over property project behind the incident and want police to reopen the case immediately and set a high level enquiry so that the family and departed soul could get justice.

About Kumod Jha

Born and brought up to a reputed brhmin landlord family of late Shree Bhupnarayan Jha in Forbes Ganj, Bihar, Kumod Jha was youngest sibling of two elder brothers Vinod and Pramod, had been living in Mumbai for last 18 years. His father was known for a daily newspaper press called Nayi Kranti, which was shut down with passing of time and all three sons started Bricks Industry called Laxmi Bricks. Kumod did not stick to his father or brother’s profession as he had some big dreams, which could not be realized at small town like Forbesganj so he shifted to Mumbai via Delhi. When he left home town for more than two decades ago, he first went to Delhi in search of better job opportunity. He had been in media, advertising and films field also for some time but that did not suit him. Then he shifted to property and real estate industry in around 2005 as builder and was doing some SRA projects in Malad, Goregaon and Jogeshwari. When this incident took place in the midnight of Saturday he was still shaping up his Jogeshwari SRA project with a friend. When he faced some obstacles in getting approvals for his property project in several government departments. He had been disturbed due to corruption, inequality and non governance in the system. Therefore, he decided to move to forefront to improve the governance system. Hence, formed a National Political Party called “Akhand Bharatheeya Aawaaz”, registered with the Election Commission of India and declared to fight the general election 2013 but it could not happen due to some unforeseen reasons. Anyway, going of such a honest, brave, hardworking and lively young man in such a secretive, sudden and unnatural manner, socked everyone, everybody asking, what is the secret of untimely sudden death of Kumod Jha?


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