Misbehaving with women and maligning our NGO’s reputation cannot be tolerated: Founder President

Misbehaving with women and maligning our NGO’s reputation cannot be tolerated: Founder President

An NGO which is working for day and night to make positive changes in people’s life in Bundelkhand with its human and social activities faced trouble as some people are creating hurdles on its path for vested interests. Those whoever wanted to malign the neat and clean image of our organization can’t be tolerated and would not be spared said enraged Chandra Shekhar, (CSV) Founder President, Hweo

Jhansi: On 5th June, 2018 at the time when NGO Manav Kalyan Vikaswadi Sansthan (Human Welfare Evolutionary Organization – HWEO) 1000 civil commando was planting 1000 trees 150 km away from Jhansi, some people for vested interests were sowing thrones of conspiracy against the HWE Organization.

About the HWEO NGO

Manav Kalyan Vikaswadi Sansthan (Human Welfare Evolutionary Organization – HWEO) is none profit, nongovernmental organization founded by Chandra Shekhar and his team in Mahoba district, UP in 2010.

The NGO has a vision, mission and business projects which has a greater potential to reform the society and India that is seized in cast, creed, color, corruption, rape, violence, strategically loot of land and natural resources, race, religion etc.

British Police, Indian Inspector

On a tip off some fake complaint Nababad, Jhansi Police, ransacked the premises of Manav Kalyan Vikaswadi Sansthan (HWEO) office located at 2nd floor, Balaji Tower, Elite Chawk in search of some information, its own agenda because the said complaint and complainant both are believed to be fake and fabricated.

It is heard that Nababad Police Sub Inspector Narendra Singh took too much interest in this matter for some unwanted reason under the instructions and influence of some people out of them one is a notorious lawyer, one is so called press reporter and another third is a local leader, these are known to be masters to grab illegal money and run rackets, also wanted to rob the NGO.

It’s learnt that Daroga came to the ngo office on a synonyms Dail 100 complaint by some reporter. I heard that Dail 100 Police was made for some emergency reason, is Dail 100 Police meant for such general complaints?

SI called Narendra Singh could not find any information because the entire Hweo team went on for tree plantation at a village, 150 away from Jhansi. Disappointed Sub Inspector Narendra Singh misbehaved the girls and women staff of Hweo and took two of them to police station.

So called No. 1 Newspaper reported fake news

It’s shockingly surprising how and for what so called No. 1 Hindi Newspaper reported totally fake and rubbish news without checking facts and figures of the matter. Association of Newspapers should There is no base of the police action taken place in so haste-n-hurry without serving any notices to the Organization in question? Questions aroused in the case are:  

  1. Did Police receive any FIR against the NGO?
  2. Who is the complainant, what is his name, address and numbers?
  3. Who dialed 100 No.?
  4. Did Police serve any notice to NGO for search?
  5. Had police have any search warrant?
  6. Who instructed the local police for inquiry?
  7. How Police dared to misbehave with ladies and women?
  8. Police said NGO retired senior army officer and security guards are terrorists?
  9. NGO head office is located at Balaji Tower a commercial place not in hotel as reported by parts of media.
  10. NGO has greater male staff than more girls and women as police and press blamed.
  11. It is apparent that Police neither has any valid point nor any legal document against the NGO. Police wanted to create some evidence against the NGO that is why they trigger off the Ngo members to be violent. Why Police and Press said the NGO office runs in a hotel, and they targeted women instead of men in office.

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  1. यह बहुत गलत किया गया है कि महिलाओं के साथ आपत्तिजनक शब्दों का प्रयोग किया गया है, महिला देश का गौरव होती है ओर यहां तो नवाबाद s.i द्वारा अभद्रता की गई हैं ऐसे उपनिरीक्षक को तत्काल कार्य मुक्त कर देना सस्पेंड कर देना !

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