MURDER PLAN: Murder mystery to be unveiled on this Friday

Indian Film and TV actor Manoj Dutt starring Hindi movie MURDER PLAN is due on Apr 19, 2013 all over India. The actor Manoj Dutt who has been in the industry for more than a decade, has been featured in many films and television serials so far, some of them are –Balika Vadhu, Crime Petrol, Prithviraj Chauhan, CID, Savdhan India etc. Mr Dutt in a brief and exclusive tete-a-tete with IPS Yadav, where he talks about his movies, roles, television, love, lesson and passion:

Actor Manoj Dutt
Actor Manoj Dutt
Actor Manoj Dutt
Actor Manoj Dutt

Congratulations! Mr. Dutt, Your new film Murder Plan is releasing this week, how do feel on this time?

Yes, this Friday. Thank you very much. I am really happy and nervous both and it’s natural, any actor is happy on his new release but nervousness also resounds with it.

Tell us something about Murder Plan and your role in it?

I am playing a young buddy. I am on a picnic trip in a jungle with a bunch of friends where we all got into a unexpected and bloody trouble. One by one of my friends started getting murdered. All are in shock and terror state that who is next?

Spared friends throw doubts at me that I am behind these murders. But the story has its own twists and turns and takes some another leap. And this you will come to know only after watching the movie releasing this Friday all over.

Who are your co-actors in the movie?

Kiran Kumar, Ranjeet, Gajendra Chauhan and many others.

Who is the producer-director of the movie?

Mr. Suraj Kumar Sharma ji who is one of the finest actors trainers in Bollywood and he also has made some really meaningful films earlier.

Where was it shot and how was your experience like?

It was a fabullaous experience working with Suraj ji, its my 3rd film with him. it was shot at many places in Mumbai like Mad island etc.

How was the experience working in a thrill and suspense movie?

Pretty good. There was no fear, suspense or terror during the shoot. I have already done some work with the same team in other projects. My experience of working with Suraj Kumar Sharmaji has always been full of pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What returns do you expect after release of this movie?

Naturally any actor needs good work and so I am too looking for variety of roles suited to my personality, skill and of course age too.

How do you choose roles and films offered to you?

As I said earlier, keeping my personality, acting skill and age in mind I prefer matured roles and good films but with variety and diversity.

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