Actress Arshi Khan alleges ‘godwoman’ runs a sex racket


Self styled and self proclaimed godwoman Radhema aka Sukhvinder Kaur’s problems are not getting yet over. At a time when she is already facing flak for her misdemeanour, a model has further increased Radhema’s overflowing cup of woes. A model has alleged that controversial godwoman runs a prostitution racket. The model named Arshi Khan further alleged that she was approached by Radhema’s business agent and was given offer to join the sex racket. The matter has come to light when Radhe Maa is already facing series of allegations. Reportedly, Arshi Khan has registered a complaint over the matter. Khan also told police that she is getting threatening calls on phone. Earlier, similar accusations were made by TV actress Dolly Bindra. Former devotee of godwoman, Dolly Bindra had alleged that she was asked by Radhe Maa to have sexual relations with a stranger. “An offence under Section 294, Section 354, Section 506(2), Section 109, Section 120 B has been registered against Radhe Maa, Sanjiv Gupta, Talli Baba, Bhupendra and others based on TV actress Dolly Bindra’s complaint at the Borivali police station,” said a police official. Series of complaints have been lodged against controversial Radhe Maa recently. Firstly, a 32-year-old woman had filed a complaint of domestic violence and dowry harassment against her in-laws and Radhema’s. She alleged that the ‘godwoman’ instigated her in-laws, who have been her followers for last several years. Then, an advocate Ashok Rajput had filed police complaint alleging her involvement in promoting superstition. Controversial Arshi Khan Bhopal born model Arshi Khan is not new to controversies. Small time actress Khan recently hit headlines when she was linked with Pakistani cricketer Sahid Afridi. Earlier, she had also slapped a Bhojpuri film producer in Lucknow. On her misbehavior, Khan had said that she slapped producer because he touched her inappropriately.

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