Pakoda nahi, khao bhar pet bhojan sirf 60/- mein


Pakoda nahi, bhar pet khao sirf 60/- mein

Why fry and eat pakoda on the streets endorsed by Modi govt when complete meal is easily available on the same or even lower prices. Tasty Tiffin has been launched home made tiffin food service, free delivery to all over Mumbai to workers and office goers who don’t have time to cook meal for themselves. Lunch and dinner food tiffin box contain daily changeable dishes like daal, chawal, roti, sabzi, salad, papad, achar etc. is quite hygienic and cooked in healthy veg. oils and spices. Non Veg is also provided on wed, fri and sun at just Rs. 80/- per food box. Party orders and Monthly tiffin service is also available on very reasonable prices. Fore for more Call: 9323163140

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