Paying homage to the departed soul of Mrs. Sridevi

Paying homage to the departed soul of Mrs. Sridevi
RIP to the divine soul of the first female superstar of India, Mrs. Srideviji, who was departed to the ultimate heavenly adobe leaving everyone in the sudden shock. She has been delivered pure entertainment with many messages with her epic roles and on screen characters since her prodigy age of 4 to the world. But taught many lessons with her death too that achieve all the success and glory but do not cling too much to your awards and accolades in the materialistic world because when you are pulled off the life, everything remains here and become useless. So, whatever you are a star or a common man, death does not spare anybody, before it’s too late, realize your self being, it’s the only thing, achievement that is carry forwarded unto your next journey of life, nothing else, so be yourself. Thus, it would be true tribute to the departed soul of Mrs. Srideviji, if we could follow and realize the teachings of Lord Krishna expressed in the Bhagavad-Gita are given hereunder.
Last thought determines the next birth
The last thought of a man governs his future destiny. The last thought of a man determines his future birth. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Gita, “Whosoever at the end abandoneth the body, thinking upon any being, to that being only he goeth, O Kaunteya, because of his constant thought of that being” (Chapter: VIII-6).
Lord Krishna says in the Gita, “Whoever constantly thinks of Me intensely and with one-pointed mind, to such steadfast Yogin, I am easily attainable; and having thus reached Me and merged in Me, he is not born again in the fleeting world of woe and misery. O Arjuna! While all the worlds created by Brahma are limited by time and have their moment of dissolution on reaching Me, there is no rebirth, therefore at all times, meditate on Me, the supreme Vaasudeva and with mind and intellect fixed on Me. Doubtless, you will attain Me” (Chapter: VIII-14, 15, 16).

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