Press Preview of Hindi film Fakruuu took place at Zee Preview Theatre got into a mutual promotional media tieup with a social short movie raising the burning issue of a sacrificing goat on bakareed, Press Preview of the film Fakruuu took place at Zee Preview Theatre


This is a story wherein every emotion and every feeling like – Love, agony, affection, anxiety, have been portrayed beautifully.

Hamid , a young kid who makes a vow to himself to change the destiny of his Goat Fakruu. He starts to think about Fakruu all the time even while dreaming and when awake…With this, his life’s focal point shifts towards Fakruu completely. Only when someone is deeply attached to you, you start to give more importance to him than yourself.

In the contrary, what if the customs and the beliefs of our society come against it, instead of giving strength and support to our innermost feelings and real emotions. Let’s see how does our society responds and understands the emotions of Hamid..? Let’s see What our preparations are to kill the real childhood of Hamid..?

We have a live example of the same – Fakruu.

We have tried to support the cause of PETA, We have tried to put a question mark on our habit to keep following old customs without proper reasoning and logic….And above all we have tried to give the due importance to Human Emotions.

All the characters in this film are purely factious and no harm have been caused to any animal during the making.

The Director Kulvinder Bakshish has tried his best to give life to the  imagination of Dhyan Amano – the story writer

All the characters in the film, mainly – Lalit tiwari, Vishesh Bansal, Raj Sagar, Pankaj Pandey and Tejasvini Sharma have lived those moments, although for a while…We have been able to bring forward this film only with the collective efforts of  “ keshav entertainments pvt ltd., Frost Free productions & Big Bang Films”


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