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Indiaajtak.com a fast, fair, fearless, reliable and strategic web portal! created and owned by Independent Publicity Services, Mumbai one of India’s most reputed, thinking powerhouse Advertising, Public Relations agencies and media advisories. indiaajtak.com  live up to with it’s tagline har haqikat aap tak is a fastest online short news portal catering with latest news updates across the life and time aimed to promote the essence of news, information and over all knowledge of life. Fore more, visit Contact page.

India Ajtak -Har Hakeeqat Aaptak is a Fastest Indian News Portal of India.

India Ajtak an Independent Publicity Services initiative was launched on April 26, 2012 is surging ahead with an optimum number of hits received from the net users worldwide.

India Ajtak has a mission to have “The Incredible India the Super Power!” as early as possible by 2020.

We are glad to have introduced ourselves as a premium news, features & current affairs website titled www.indiaajtak.com conceived by experienced media professionals; created with a vision to establish a distinguish multi media platform of world repute to serve the citizens living in India & abroad.

In a very initial phase, we have received a good & positive response from the end users as well as the clients and gradually we are attaining their trust & reputation due to our honest & dedicated efforts, fast services and reliable news coverage.

Being a human, there is a pray that we wish for one and all that we all remain happy, healthy, wealthy and peaceful, and being a true Indian; we all have a dream that our country ought to be shining on the global map as early as possible! Therefore, keeping the goal of individual growth, national development and ‘Shining Incredible India’ in mind, we have launched a premium news website titled www.indiaajtak.com

We believe that for becoming a patriot, it’s ever not necessary to be a soldier and fighting on the border. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you simply can be a patriot by making your contribution towards the national integration and developments.

We would promote the Indian culture, values, rich heritage and Indian talents on the global ground; as well as disseminating true sense of news, information, education, entrepreneurship, entertainment, social awakening and feeling of responsibility among people through www.indiaajtak.com

Our highly competent marketing team & editorial staff consisting a dedicated team of reporters, editors and photographers are working meticulously, freely and fearlessly to ensure the news, information published on www.indiaajtak.com is true to the facts, complete in all respect and present the true picture of particular event and happening.

Support us for our highly esteemed aims, objectives & mission – “The Incredible Super India!” Knowing the unknown, unleashing every mystery, exploring, experiencing the truth behind news and truly sensing the lives of millions of people. It would help us to help people solving their problems; promoting India’s budding talent, exploring infinite opportunities & potential for them and Shining Incredible India’s true image on the global map.

We have conceived the news content of the website www.indiaajtak.com in a way that it could cover A to Z of news, current affairs, happenings, events, developments of various spheres of society and country.

Advertisements on Indiaajtak.com provide sharp focused opportunities to kick-start and maximize your business; your brands get worldwide attention, immense limelight and benefit of unlimited business offers and job opportunities. We offer the customized services and tariff plans also to meet your all promotional needs.

Visit www.indiaajtak.com once and extend your support and fair feedback. Your kind support and blessings would boost our confidence multifold and empower us to realize our mission “of making the Incredible India a Super Power” at the earliest!!