A Brief Introduction of About Haryana


Haryana is a state in India. It was formulated on 1st November 1966. The state is known as the Land of God.  The capital is Chandigarh and the largest city in the state is Faridabad. It has 22 districts.


In the colonial era, Haryana joined the Punjab province in 1858. But after independence, states demanded separate provinces due to linguistic and religious differences. So finally, Haryana became a separate province in 1966.

Fairs and festivals 

The fairs and festivals celebrated in the state are cheerful and energetic. Mainly, the Pinjore Heritage festival, Gugga Naumi, Masani fair, Surajkund International fair, and Gopal-Mochan fair are attractions to visitors from all over the world.


Haryana is located in the northern part of India. It covers an area of 44,212km². The state is surrounded by Rajasthan (south), Himachal Pradesh (north), Uttarakhand (northeast), Punjab (northwest), Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi (east). Chandigarh shares its boundary with Punjab.


The total population of the state was 25,350,000 as per the 2011 census. The majority of the people are Hinduism (87.46%), and other religions are Sikhs (4.91%) and Muslims ( 7.03%).


The state has a vibrant culture. The Haryanvi love hookah and charpoys. These two things are the specialty of the Haryanvi culture. They adorn simplicity with beautiful clothes such as Daaman, Kurti, Chunder, Pagri, and Dhoti. Daaman, Kurti, and Chunder are the women's attire, whereas, on the other hand, men's attire is Pagri and Dhoti.


The official language of Haryana is Hindi, while additional official languages are English and Punjabi, and religious languages are Haryanvi, Mewati, Ahirwati, or Bagri.


Haryana is the home of various beautiful lakes, mountains, temples, and religious sites such as Badkhal lake, Blue Bird Lake, Suraj Kund, Dhosi Hill, Morni Hill, Tosham Hill, Mansa Devi temple, and Kurukshetra. There are various ancient forts such as Firoz Shah Palace Complex, Aligarh Fort, and Nahar Singh Mahal. The famous national park of the state located in Gurugram is Sultanpur National Park.


The literacy rate of the state is 76.64% of which the male literacy rate is 85.38% and the female is 66.67% as per the 2011 census of India. In 2013, Gurgaon had a high literacy rate in the state.

Dances and music

The people of Haryana express their spirit through dance and music. Khoria, Ghoomar, and Gangaur are dance forms performed during marriages. The other popular dances are Ras and Chaupia, while Ras is a traditional dance, and Deepak dance is an amazing devotional dance. The traditional music is a Haryanvi Ragini.


The cuisine of the state is simple and linked to the land. The people of the state love to eat lassi or Chaaj with Angakda. The famous dishes are Kair Sangri ki sabzi, Kachri ki chutney, Hara Dhania Cholia, and mixed dal. The state is famous for its different kinds of roti such as Bhura roti, besan ki roti, Bajra aloo roti, and so on.

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