A Brief Introduction of About Mizoram


Mizoram is situated in the northeast region of the Indian subcontinent. The state's capital is Aizawl. The largest city in the state is Aizawl. It comprises 11 districts. It ranked 2nd in the least populous state. 


After India's Independence, the state remained a part of Assam. During 1958-1960, the Mautam famine demanded Assamese language legislation, which angered the Mizo people. After which, Mizoram came to be a Union Territory in 1917, and in 1987, Mizoram became a state of India.

Fairs and festivals

The three major festivals are celebrated throughout the year such as Mim Kut, Chapchar Kut, and Pawl Kut. All these festivals are celebrated with music and dance, and the people of Mizoram wear vibrant attire along with beautiful jewelry.


The state covers an area of 21.087 km². It shares international boundaries with Bangladesh and Myanmar. It shares boundaries with different Indian states like Tripura, Assam, and Manipur. 


The state has a 1,091,014 total population of which males and females 552,339 and 538,675 as of 2011. Almost 87% of Christians are in majority and 2.7% are following the Hindu religion. 


Mizoram is highly cultured. Traditional culture is in its roots. Mizo people are serious about their culture. Their culture is mainly influenced by Christianity. The state is also famous for its Handicrafts. There are very skilled people. Punches is the traditional wear of women and Kawrechi is the traditional wear of girls. Men usually wear a white and red coat with a piece of fabric wrapped around their waist and also a pagri on their head. 


The state has three official languages such as Hindi, Mizo, and English. The most spoken language is Mizo although English is a must in the education and administrative field. Mizo Language is spoken by sino-Tibetan, Mizo people, and also in Chin state. Other dialects use Gangte, Hmar, Lai, Paite, Mara, and ThadouKuki languages.


The total literacy rate of Mizoram is 91.33% of which male and female literacy rate is 93.35% and 89.27%. It has the second-highest literacy rate after Kerala. 


Mizoram is a beautiful place due to its landscapes and unique culture. There are various tourist attractions such as national parks, waterfalls, spiritual sites, museums, and historical monuments. Mizoram is the home of various unique species like the royal Bengal tiger, leopards, sambar deer, and slow loris. The popular tourist hotspots are the rich-dil lake, Kwangtung wildlife sanctuary, blue mountain, and Solomon temple. 

Dances and music 

The state's culture of dance and music reflects the spirit of the locals. Cheraw dance is the oldest dance form. Popular dances are bamboo dance, Khuallam dance, and Chailam.


Mostly, the people of Mizoram love non-vegetarian food. Mizo cuisine is traditional cuisine. Mizo cuisine is less spicy. They prefer to eat basic food like boiled vegetables and rice. The popular dishes are Sanpiau, panch Phoran Tarkari, Bekang, Mizo Vawksa, bai, bamboo shoot fry, and Chhum Han.

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