A Brief Introduction of About Telangana


Telangana is an Indian state which is located in the south-central region of India. Hyderabad is the largest city and capital of the state. Telangana Is famous for handicraft skills.


During the independence of India, the Nizam of Hyderabad refused to be a part of India. The Government of India launched Operation Polo in Hyderabad. The government separated regions on linguistic lines such as the merger of Telugu-speaking regions into Andhra Pradesh, and the merger of Marathi and Kannada-speaking regions into Maharashtra and Karnataka. In 1956, Hyderabad became the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Later, Telangana separated in 2013 and became the state of Telangana in 2014.

Fairs and festivals

Telangana is the witness of notable fairs and festivals such as Inavolu (iloni) mallanna jathara,  Nagoba jatara, Bathukamma, Bonalu, Komuravelli mallanna jaathara, Prataparudra singaraaya jaatara, Peerla panduga, Chittaramma jatara, and Sammakka saarakka jaathara.


Telangana covers an area of 112,077 km². It is located on the Deccan plateau. The state has two major rivers: the Godavari river and the Krishna river, while other rivers are the Maner river, Musi river, Manjira river, and Bhima Rivers. Its boundary is covered by four Indian states: Andhra Pradesh (south and east side), Maharashtra (north side), Chattisgarh (north side), and Karnataka (west side).


The total state's population is 35,193,978, of which 85.1% are Hinduism, 12.7% Muslim, 1.3% Christian, and 0.9% others. 


Telangana is rich in diverse cultural heritage. The culture of Telangana is a fusion of Mogal, Nizam, Persian, and Qutub Shahi traditions. Its culture is majorly influenced by south Indian culture. 


The state's official language is Telugu, while the additional official language is Urdu. The majority of people speak Telugu and only 12% of the population speak Urdu. 


Telangana is the most visited tourist destination. Its historical and spiritual sites, forts, temples, and monuments are the charm of the state. The biggest amusement park in Wonderla. Nirmal is a significant glamour all over the world for handicrafts and paintings.


The literacy rate of the state is 66.46%, of which the female literacy rate is 57.92% and the male literacy rate is 74.95% as per the 2011 census. Telangana is the home of numerous notable educational institutes, colleges, and universities. The national institutes in the state are IIT in Hyderabad, NIT in Warangal, and AIIMS in Bibinagar.

Dances and music

Dance and music show the social and cultural values of the state. The folk dances are Lambadi, Gusadi, Mayuri, Perini Sivatandavam, and Dappu Dance. The state is rich in Carnatic music to folk music.


Telangana cuisine has been divided into two types: Hyderabad cuisine and Telangana cuisine. Telangana cuisine is very spicy. Telangana cuisine serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Telangana’s staple food is Roselle, and the basic diet is millet roti. Roselle is used for making pickles and curries. The state's popular foods are Bachali Kura, Pachi Pulusu, Thunti Koora, Sarva Pindi, Rail Palaram, Hyderabadi Biryani, etc.

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