Land Mafia got security and naxalites treated by anti terrorist law in India -Amar Sneh

Land Mafia got security and naxalites treated by anti terrorist law in India -Amar Sneh
Choose such a government and prime minister who can take care of you as your father and mentor instead of looting you for his dear ones. Don’t bring such people in government who discriminate among people.

Kick out the anti people Govt next year because the mine mafia and land grabbers are given full security while naxalites are treated under anti terrorist law in India says veteran writer, director, actor, theatrist Amar Sneh who has got internationally acclaimed for some of his exceptional creations.

Following are the full videos conversation from an exclusive and rare talks with Shri Amar Sneh:


Following are the rare photographs of last 5 decades of various crafts and fine arts performed by Amar Sneh:

Bellet , Krishnleela. Mumbai Doordarshn
Birsa Munda shooting
Birsa Munda film shooting
Birsa Munda film shooting
During shooting of The Somali Darvish
International Film Project The Somali Darvish,Directed by Amar Sneh
Jaldbaz DDK Mumbai
Main usse Pehchanti hun, Prakash Films Mumbai
Raktjeevi with Reeta Bhaduri DDK Mumbai
Scene from The Samali Darvish
Scene from The Samali Darvish
Soordas,TV film, Mumbai Doordarshan
Soordas Theatre Lab Mumbai
Soordas Theatre Lab Mumbai
Two-two DDK Mumbai
Amar Sneh and Bhgwandada in Jaldbaz, Tele Film
Amar Sneh and ….. Jain in Mere Bhai Mere Dost, Tele Film, Delhi 1966


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