Musical concerts also have male dominance like other bollywood fields

Musical concerts also have male dominance like other bollywood fields

Like mimicry artists and duplicate actors, mimic singers who can sing the in the voices of legends such as Mohd. Rafi, Kishor Kumar, Mukesh and so on… have also been in demand in the musical concerts. But the problem is these musical concerts also have male dominance like other bollywood fields, this is what a true fact found in this article. Senior Journalist, film critic & bollywood anylist Ashish Mitra also concludes the nasal singing is also an art and beauty of singing which could’t be even coppied by top bracket non-nasal singers like Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle.

Mumbai: These days it has been observed that most of the male singers performing in concept shows are identified by the voices they resemble of yesteryears playback singers like Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, Talat Mahmood, K L Sehgal etc. Accordingly, they are booked for the concept shows as per the genre of their voice.

This speciality proves beneficial for them as they are sought for as and when any particular show is conceptualised for the voice of their genre.

But sometimes this specific identity becomes harmful for them as the audience and organizer accept them only for their brand voice and they can’t free themselves from that genre identity in their entire singing career.

These very branded singers are often at disadvantage in the private shows where versatile singers are required, who could render songs ranging from Rafi Saheb to Mika Singh.
But it is the other way round in case of female crooners. In a particular show, one single female singer or at the most two have to take the mantel to croon songs of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Suman Kalyanpur, GeetaDutt, Alka Yagnik, Kavita Krishnamoorty and so on.

“Female singers can be broadly classified in two groups viz. ‘Nasal’ and ‘Non-Nasal’ singing. While Noorjahan, Suraiya, Shamshad Begum, Uma Devi belong to the ‘Nasal Group’, ‘Lata didi’ and Asha tai represent the ‘Non-Nasal’ Group,” explains songstress Saumya Varma.

“Sometimes ‘Non Nasal’ singers try to sing songs in ‘Nasal’ voice also by modulating their voice and often they could be able to do justice to this venture to some extent. But it is difficult for pure ‘Nasal’ singers to sing ‘Non-Nasal’ songs because the original texture of their ‘Nasal’ voice doesn’t allow them to effectively switch over to ‘Non-Nasal’ Songs. However, this fact can also not be ignored that Asha ji imitated Geeta Dutt & Lata Ji imitated Noorjahan in the beginning of their career before establishing their originality which sounds ironical,” the lady goes on to explain.

Why so? Why the charity towards men and not to women?
Answers head honcho of Geet Arpan N.S. Kishore Kumar, “I think this may not be by design but perhaps has happened over time by default! Also with the fantastic range and repertoire of Lata didi and Asha ji, the female singers perhaps love to get opportunities to render songs that are all encompassing! And the male singers would be comfortable with distinctingly different slots. Having said that, it is really a matter of personal preference of these singers, male or female which in turn is influenced by perception of audience preferences.”

Alok Katdare, Vinod Sheshadri, Jeet Guha and umpteen other singers specialize in singing songs of Kishore Kumar, Dharmesh Tiwari and Shlok Choudhury among others who regale audiences by crooning Mohd. Rafi numbers again Shlok is made to sing songs sung by Talat Mahmood. Besides there are others who specialise in singing songs of Talat Mahmood, Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey, Mukesh etc. Among the women there are singers like Shailaja Subramanyam, Anupama Roy, Saumya Varma, Radhika Nanday and so on who rule the concert circuit. These singers in turn are contracted by several music concert organisers for different musical shows around the city of Mumbai.

Interrupts Manohar Iyer, “In most cases, music concert organisers are handicapped by the money factor. Hence they cannot keep more than two female singers. And when one female singer can handle a whole lot of Golden era songs. then why bother, is their thinking. But the same policy cannot be employed on the male singers because that may cause confusion and discontentment among the audience.”

Melodious singing as well as texture of voice is gifted by God, which cannot easily be altered. There are few female singers who have voice of between ‘Nasal’ and ‘Non-Nasal’ genre. They can render songs in both ways of singing. Apart from the texture of voice, the female singers also keep the style of the original singer in view while presenting any song.

“I have myself minutely done this exercise along with taking the view of audience also. I have found my voice of basically a blend of ‘Lata Ji’ and ‘Asha Ji’, due to which I can do justice to the songs of both these singing divas. Besides, I have also learnt the art of converting my voice to Nasal mode along with typical style of the original singer,” conveys Saumya.

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Ashish Mitra (@ashexim) is a Senior Journalist, film critic & bollywood analyst, wanting to make serious friends in the film industry. Courtesy: Taken with some trims from the facebook wall of Ashish Mitra

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