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This PUBLIC NOTICE is served to all concerned, which states that due to an interim stay order passed by the Honorable Delhi High Court vide Suite No. CS (OS) 1046/2014 against the website, “Www.Indiaajtak.Com” promoted by INDEPENDENT PUBLICITY SERVICES, between T. V. TODAY NETWORK LIMITED (which operates satellite channel “AAJ TAK”) versus INDEPENDENT PUBLICITY SERVICES (which operates web portal “Www.Indiaajtak.Com”), therefore Admin & Editor-in-Chief of Www.Indiaajtak.Com hereby confirmed that the news portal has become  out of operation since May 2014 and will remain the same till the next hearing and consecutive order(s) to be passed by the Honorable Delhi High Court.


Meanwhile all site Users, Readers, Viewers, Well Wishers, Patrons, Representatives, Freelancers, Associates, Citizen Reporters, Photographers, and Subscribers are humbly requested to bear with us in this difficult time and keep their faith in us as ever. This is also be clearly noted that INDEPENDENT PUBLICITY SERVICES “Www.Indiaajtak.Com” Media Kit containing the documents such as Ad Rate Card, Careers Tutorial, Application Form, Appointment Letter, Press Identity Card, Visiting Cards, Car/Bike Sticker, Boom Mike Sticker, Office Board/Banner, Stickers etc. issued by Www.Indiaajtak.Com to its Users, Citizen Reporters, Associates, Representatives etc. is hereby stand cancelled and withdrawn, hence from now use of the same would be prohibited, unauthorized and illegal by all means with immediate effect.


This is also obvious to state that if someone has the documents of same nature in one’s possession, kindly destroy/consider seized/return them to the site office otherwise if someone is caught red handed using them in any kind of deal or influencing people or authority in the name of this site, therefore we do not undertake any responsibility for the same and the ‘accused’ would be solely responsible for any kind of illegal usage of INDEPENDENT PUBLICITY SERVICES “Www.Indiaajtak.Com” documents for any monetary/image or whatsoever gain/loss (if any).


Thanks & Best regards,




Admin & Editor-in-Chief,





Place: Mumbai

Date: 10/10/2014