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About West Garo Hills


Garo Hills was divided into two districts in October 1976, the West Garo Hills and the East Garo Hills. The former West Gallo Hills district was further divided into two administrative districts, West Gallo Hills and South Gallo Hills, in June 1992. Garo's early history is a mystery. Allied with Koches, Chutiyas, Kacharis and Meches, the Garo ancestors came from the northwest. Another tradition that supports this theory claims that the Garo are descendants of their ancestors. 

Famous for ?

Widely known as Pilstan, which has been worshiped for centuries. The history behind this Darga dates back to about 700 years when Raja Mahendranarayan ruled it.


The total area of the district is 2855km2.


West Garo Hills has a total of 7 subdistricts.


There are 1577 villages on the West Garo Hill.


There is only one city in this area.

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