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Bageshwar district was a portion of Almora district after India's Independence. But later, it was separated from the Almora district in 1997. In 2000, Bageshwar district joined Uttarakhand.

Famous for?

Bageshwar district is famous for its natural charm, and also for archaic temples. The famous ancient temples which seek attention are Baghnath temple, Baijnath temple, Chandika temple, etc. 


Bageshwar means the Land of the Tiger and the Land of Lord Shiva. Bageshwar district covers an area of 2,302 km². It is a hilly place which is located in Kumaon in northern India. It is surrounded by the Almora district, Chamoli district, and Pithoragarh district. The land of the Bageshwar district is illuminated by 2,59,898 inhabitants as per the data of the census 2011. 


Bageshwar district comprises four subdivisions as Kanda, Garur, Bageshwar, and Kapkot, and three blocks Garur, Bageshwar, and Kapkot.


Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand has a total of 947 villages, of which 415 villages are comprised in Bageshwar, Kanda included 180 villages, Garur has 197 villages, and Kapkot has 156 villages. 

Urban cities:

The total eight cities incorporated in the Bageshwar district i.e., Baijnath, Kausani, Mankot, Vijaypur, Garur, Kanda, Bageshwar, and Sani Udiyar.

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