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The historical name of Champawat was Champavati. Champawat served as the capital of the Chand dynasty in the 12th century.

Famous For?

The famous places in the Champawat district are temples. The temples have been erected since early ages. The most famous ancient temple is Shaani Mandir or Manokamna Purn Mandir Kaula.


Champawat is situated in the southeast region of Uttarakhand. It is spread over 1,765.78 km² of area.  The area is covered by the Udham Singh Nagar district, Nepal, Almora district, and Nainital district. The region's total population is 259,648, of which 96.5% of the population follow the Hinduism religion. The official language of the Champawat district is Hindi, while most of the people of the district used to speak Kumaoni. 

Sub Division:

Champawat district is part of the eastern Kumaon region. Furthermore, the subdivisions in the Champawat district are Lohaghat, Purnagiri, Barakot, and Pati.


The total number of villages in the Champawat district is 705, of which 632 villages are inhabited, 55 villages are uninhabited, and there are 18 forest 

Urban cities:

There are four cities that lie in the Champawat district i.e., Champawat, Tanakpur, Banbasa, and Lohaghat. 

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