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During the British Raj, the area was maintained under the Dehradun and Saharanpur and formed a district named Pauri. After the Independence of India, it was upgraded into a new district named Chamoli in February 1960. The two districts and two blocks of Chamoli were integrated to form the Rudraprayag district. 

Famous for?

Chamoli district is famous for its historical religious shrines and temples. It is the abode of god. Its natural beauty attracts tourists. Chamoli district is the birthplace of the Chipko movement which means it was started in the Chamoli district. 


Chamoli covers a total area of 8,030 km², of which the geographical area covered by the district is 7,520 km². It is surrounded in the east by Pithoragarh, west by Almora, southeast by Bageshwar, southwest by Pauri Garhwal, and northwest by Uttarkashi. It is also touching the international boundary i.e., Tibet in the north. 


Chamoli district comprises twelve districts i.e., Dewal, Dasholi (Chamoli), Nandprayag, Ghat, Karanprayag, Narayanbagar, Joshimath, Pokhari, Thrali, Jilasu, Adi Badri, and Gairsain. Its headquarter is in Chamoli Gopeshwar.


A total of 1244 villages are located in the Chamoli district, of which Bhainti village has the highest population. 

Urban cities:

The Chamoli district comprises seventeen cities. 

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