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On 28th December 1988, the district was a part of the Saharanpur division. The state's legislative assembly passed a bill of Uttar Pradesh Reorganisation Bill in 1998 with Parliament passing the Uttar Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2000. Hence, Haridwar district came to be a district under the 27th Republic state i.e., Uttarakhand. 

Famous for?

Haridwar district is the gateway to various famous festivals and Hindu religious spots. It is famous for its Chandi Devi temple. The place is also famous for the worship of Ganga at the Ghat. 


Haridwar district covers an area of 12.3 km². It is situated in the southern region of Uttarakhand. It is bounded by Pauri Garhwal, Saharanpur, Dehradun, Muzaffarnagar, and Bijnor. Its headquarter is in Haridwar. Haridwar is the largest city in Uttarakhand. The natives of the Haridwar district are known as Haridwar. The district is populated by 1,890,422 people, whose dominant religions are Hinduism and Islam. 


Haridwar district is further divided into four subdivisions: Haridwar, Bhagwanpur, Roorkee, and Laksar. 


Approximately 121 villages exist in the Haridwar district along with four blocks.

Urban cities:

The 14 urban cities are situated throughout the Haridwar district. 

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