Siddharth Nagar


This district is named after the childhood name of Gautama Buddha, Prince "Siddhartha". Once upon a time, the area was forested and the foothills of the Himalayas were part of the Shakya tribe. The entire area once belonged to the Gorakhpur district. In 1801, the Gorakhpur division was transferred from Nawab in Awad to the East India Company. The boundaries of this region include the eastern border of Bihar and the southern border of Jample, Gajipur, Faizabad, and the western border of Gonda and Bahraich. After the war of 1816, Vinayakpur and Tilpur were given to Nepal under an agreement. Several important events related to the life of Gortam Buddha take place in the area

Famous for

Well known for tourist attractions such as pilgrims, parks, entertainment venues, shopping malls, picnic areas and ghats.


It has an area of ​​2895 km2.


Siddhars Nagar has a total of 5 subdistricts.


There are 2505 villages in this area.


There are a total of eight cities in the Siddharsnagar district.

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