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Prior to  Jalaun seems to have been home to two Rajput clans. The east is the Chandelas and the west is Kachhwaha. From the beginning of the 13th century, the district became closely associated with Islam through the main town of Carpi. However, Islamic rule over Bundelkhand, including the current district, remained nominal after the occupation in 1202. Because Shahabdin was the first ruler to invade the area in the late 12th century. A person annexed by the founders of the Bundela administration. In 1583, Emperor Akbar visited Carpi and was a guest of Jaguildal Abdul Matrubkhan.

Famous for

District Jalaun is a historic site southwest of Uttar Pradesh, mainly known for its historical and religious monuments.


Total area is 4565km2.


Jalaun has a total of 5 subdistricts.


There are about 220 villages in Jalaun tehsil.


According to the 2011 census, there is only one city in the county.

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