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Dense forests and fast-flowing rivers are characteristic of the Bahraich district. There are many mythical facts about the great historical value of the Bahraichi district. It was famous as the capital of Brahma, the creator of the universe. It was also known as part of the Gandharva Forest. Even today, the northern region of the district, hundreds of square kilometers, is still covered with forest. According to other historians, this place was the capital of the medieval "Bar" dynasty. Therefore, it was called "Bur Litchi" and later became known as "Bur Litchi".

Famous For?

The most famous attraction in the city is the tomb of Gazi Sayyad Salar Masud. Built by the legendary ruler Philozshire Turak, this place is of historical and religious significance. The annual trade fair celebrated here is a great opportunity to visit to enjoy local festivals.


The area of ​​Burritch is 5237 square kilometers.


There are a total of 6 subdistricts in Burritch.


There are 1390 villages in the Burritchi district.


Burritch is divided into 5 cities

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