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District Bijnor was formed in 1817 from a part of the Moradabad district and was originally named Nagina district because it was headquartered in Nagina. Headquarters moved to Bijnor in 1824, which was known as the "Nagina District" until it was officially known as the Bijnor District in 1837. BIJNOR consists of several state-of-the-art medical facilities, shopping centers and various educational institutions that contribute to the development of the entire region. Located on Nagina Bijnor Street, Sikaida is a major tourist attraction in the area. The village of Shakapuri on the Najibabard Vidinor Highway is also very popular with visitors for its mangoes and sugar cane. 

Famous for

BIJNOR is known for sugar cane production and sugar refineries, and there are two of the top five sugar refineries in the area.


The area of ​​Barampuru is 4049km2.


BIJNOR has a total of 5 subdistricts.


There are 557 villages in BIJNOR.


There are a total of 6 cities in BIJNOR.

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