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Ancient Gorakhpur contained parts of the modern districts of Basti, Deoria, Azamgarh and Tarai in Nepal. This area, which can be called Gorakhpur Janpad, was an important center of Aria's culture and civilization. Gorakhpur was part of the famous Kosla, one of the 16 great nations of the 6th century BC. In 1865, a new district of Basti was removed from Gorakhpur. The latter was further divided in 1946 to form a new district of Deoria. The Mahrahjganj district was established in 1989 by the third section of Gorakhpur.

Famous for 

It is famous for its tourists and most visited places, Gorakhnath Temple, Vishnu Temple, Geeta Vatika, Arogya Mandir, Gita Press, and Gita Vatika.


The total area is 3448 km2.


Gorakhpur district is divided into 7 Tehsil


There are a total of 3448 villages in this district.


There are eight cities in the Gorakhpur district.

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