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Lalitpur district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh, India. Lalitpur County is part of the Jansi Division. Lalitpur is the capital and administrative center. Adjacent Gwariel's Daurat Lao Cindia annexed the state of Chandeli in 1811. In 1844, the former state of Chanderi was transferred to England, becoming the Chanderi district of British India, and the city of Lalitpur became the district headquarters. The British lost their district in the 1857 Indian Rebellion. In 1861, part of the western part of Betowa, including Chandeli, was returned to Gwarior and the rest was renamed the Lalitpur district.

Famous for

Lalitpur is known for its craftsmen, especially metal workers and wood carvings.


The total area is 5039 km2.


The district has 6 subdivisions and a total of 6 blocks. 


There are about 258 villages in the Lalitpur district.


According to the 2011 census, there are two cities in the area.

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