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Hathras is a district in Uttar Pradesh, India. When Scindia's ruler Mahad the Cindia established a government around Hatras in 1784, Raja Dayaram signed an agreement with him. When Scindia moved south in 1792, Rajadayaram was completely free. In 1794, British mischief in North India intensified. The Hatras district, formerly known as Mahama Yanagar, was founded in 1997. They paved the way to unite all the princely states that disturbed them. Hathras became one district on May 6, 1997, by integrating several Tehsil of Aligarh and Mathura.

Famous for

Hathras belongs to the Brazi region of northern India and is famous for its industrial, literary and cultural activities as part of Aligarh. It has been an industrial center since the time of the British Indian Empire.


Total area is 1840km2.


The Hathras has a total of four subdistricts. 


There are about 259 villages in the Hathras district.


There are a total of 6 cities in the Hathras district.

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