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Hardoi district is located in central Uttar Pradesh, India. Narpatissin was Zamindar in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, India. By the time of Akbar in the 15th century, the region of the modern district was divided between Lucknow's Sarker and Kailabad. By common practice, the Hardoi district is associated with "HIRNA KASHYAP". The current name "Haldoi" is a distortion of the previous name "Haridrohi". Considering some people, this district was colonized by Hardevbaksh, and there is an old Hardevganj area in the city just for this reason.

Famous for

Like most other small towns in India, Haldoy is also known for many temples and religious sites.


The total area is 5947km2.


Hardoi has a total of 5 subdistricts.


There are about 458 villages in the Hardoi district.


There are a total of three cities in the Haldoy district.

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