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The history of Hamirpur is closely related to the Katoch dynasty, which once dominated the area between the Ravi and Sutlej rivers. Until 1972, Hamirpur was part of the Kangra district. Therefore, the history of Hamirpur is essentially intertwined with the history of Kangra. During the Prana era, the entire region was known as Trigarta. The Kings of Trigarta are known to have participated in the Battle of Krkshetla against Pandava. It is also said that King Triggalta accompanied Dliondana on an excursion to Virata while Pandava lived in disguise in the Kingdom of Virata. 

Famous for

Hamirpur is famous for its high literacy rate, educational institution and traditional festival of Hamil Uzaf.


Total area is 1118km2.


The Hamirpur district is subdivided into 5 Tehsil.


There are a total of 378 villages in this area.


There is only one city in the Hamirpur district.

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