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District Pilibhit began in 1871 as a subdivision of the Bareilly district, consisting of Jahanabad, Pilibhit, and Puranpur's Parganas, with a Justice of the Peace in Pilibhit. It officially became another district in November 1879. The early history of the Piribeat district is unknown. The area was traditionally considered part of the Panchala Kingdom, whose capital was Ahichatra, but there are no historical documents confirming this. On the other hand, many abandoned sites in the area indicate that large-scale settlements took place here and that the forests that historically covered the area were previously small.

Famous for

Headwaters of the Gomati River and known as one of the most forested areas in North India.


The area of ​​ Morada Bird is 3504 km2.


The Pilibhit has a total of 5 subdistricts.


There are 1216 villages in the Pilibhit district.


There are a total of 6 cities in the Pilibhit district.

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