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Mainpuri was once part of the great kingdom of Kannauj and was divided into several small principalities headed by Rapri and Bhongaon after the collapse of this famous state. In 1194 Lapri became the seat of the Islamic governor. Mainpuri fell into the Mughal Empire during the Babur invasion of 1526 and was temporarily taken from the Mughal Empire by the short-lived Afghan dynasty of Shere Shah. When that part of the country was transferred to England in 1801, the city of Mainpri became the headquarters of the vast district of Etawa.

Famous for

Mainpuri is also known as the Sarus crane (Grus antigone). Called Kroncha in India, this graceful bird is worshiped as a symbol of marital loyalty and is celebrated in myths and legends.


The area of ​​ Mainpuri is 2745 km2.


The district is divided into 06 Tehsil


Mainpuri  Tehsil has about 254 villages


Mainpuri District has a total of 5 cities.

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