Sonbhadra or Sonebhadra is the second largest district in Uttar Pradesh, India. During the 18th century, the district was under the control of the ruler of Naraya in Varanasi, who built or occupied several forts in the district. In the decade since 1775, the British took control of most of the territory of Rajas in Benares. The Milzapur district in the United Kingdom included the current Milzapur and Sonbadra districts, and the current Sonbadra district was all included in Robertsganj Tehsil. The Sombadra district has been separated from the Mirzapur district.
Famous for
District Sonbadra is an industrial area with many minerals such as bauxite, limestone, coal and gold. Sombadra is called India's energy capital because of its large number of power plants.


Its area is 6788km2.


The district is divided into 03 Tehsil and 8 development blocks.

There are a total of 1429 villages in


There are a total of 18 cities in this area.

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